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Senior year of high school seems like an entire lifetime ago when you’re an adult adjusting to real-life responsibilities and real-life heartbreak. When Hayden Marshall and Natalia Marquez run into each other on the busy streets of New York City, hundreds of miles away from their hometown and years after their high school graduation, it seems kismet is more common than either one of them thought.

While Natalia is going through the ups and downs of a post-breakup slump, Hayden has his own set of personal woes that bring the two to one single-minded conclusion: they are lonely. But when they strike up a deal to ease those bouts of loneliness, old feelings start to resurface. Feelings that were kept hidden during the small moments in a crowded classroom and glimpses in school hallways. Feelings that start to burst at the seams when all of the tricky emotions begin to intertwine within their complicated lives and rekindled friendship.

But when they slowly learn what’s at stake, neither Natalia or Hayden knows if it’s worth the risk. To lose a friendship they didn’t realize they couldn’t live without or to take a chance on something great.

Rhylan Matthews is Hollywood's hottest 'it' star, gracing his baby blues and perfectly chiseled jawline on almost every movie screen, billboard, and red carpet. He's got it made. But not everything is as it seems. Underneath all the glitz and glamor, Rhylan Matthews is dealing with his own slew of demons making him realize how lonely stardom can really be.


As a typical college student and on the cusp of entering the real world once she graduates, Ellie doesn’t understand why her future doesn’t hold the same expectations as it does for others. With her grief pulling her down along with the heavy baggage of her past, moving on feels almost impossible.


When their two worlds crash, it's like discovering a new way to breathe after skimming below the surface for so long, always on the verge of drowning. Until they’re pushed back into the depths of the ocean and they realize that maybe sinking into oblivion is the only way to live. Unless they give each other a chance.

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